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Delivery Aggregator Platform

Adloggs as an aggregator of hyper local delivery services has entered into the global delivery markets via Singapore. Now it is possible to run businesses the Uber way without any borders

Sign up with a single platform

Sign up with a single platform for delivery and focus on your business while we take care of your delivery

Fleet & Delivery Team Management

Fully automated Wages and Incentives management to reduce chances of human error, We provide access to delivery orders from top businesses to get your business up and running

Last Mile Operations

Be it local first mile, interstate last mile or reverse logistics we take care of it all. One might wonder what’s unique about a service that has been there for ages


Simple, Powerful & Highly Flexible

ADLOGGS a multi spectrum hyper-local delivery management solution which. Which connects your business with delivery partners and customers seamlesly

Rider App

A mobile app for managing workflow. Riders can manage their tasks; their new assignments appear as push notifications, and all scheduled tasks are easily visible within the app. Riders can easily navigate to their location via one click mapping functionality

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Customer Console

A branded mobile experience for tracking deliveries. The customer receives an SMS with a link to an application that allows them to track their delivery on a map. Additionally, they can communicate with their riders by message or phone, rate the riders as well

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Management Console

A web-based platform for managing delivery operations which includes dispatch functionality that allows dispatchers to assign tasks manually or automatically. Additionally, they can track riders through a map, communicate with riders, analyze and monitor delivery efficiency through reporting

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Designed for every business, everywhere

Delivery Staff Management

Track Delivery Staff on Map

Assign Orders to Delivery Staff

Delivery Staff Application

Delivery Staff Admin Dashboard

CRM Module and Analytics

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Application

SMS Gateway and Setup

Notifications and Coupons Panel

Fully Automated Payments System

Fully Automated VMS

World Class Customer Support

Access to ADLOGGS Vendors

Special Customisations


ADLOGGS Platform has a robust set of framework for Interconnectivity, Reduced Complexity and Redundancy. We integrate with

Enterprise Integrations


Point of Sale Systems

Online Ordering