The main reason

The un-predictability of the delivery volumes has been the biggest factor in rider un-availability at certain times. There has been plenty of data science attempting to predict delivery volumes. Some have been successful in achieving a certain level of accuracy but, it still is a looming problem


Adloggs integrates all or most of the delivery service providers in your area under the one window and gives you the ability to utilize the delivery fleet of multiple service providers. This means that now you don’t have to enter the order in different platforms hoping for “someone” to provide you the service

Adloggs is an integration service that allows delivery businesses to share fleet with other businesses. We continuously integrate with new delivery providers in your area and remove the dormant service providers therefore, keeping the platform live and upto date

Adloggs advantage

Adloggs Advantage

  • 01

    Single window

    With Adloggs you only ever have to log in to one window and make a booking to avail the services of most of the operators

  • 02

    Efficient System

    The most important objective for any business catering to an on-demand customer base is on time, reliable delivery

  • 03

    Easy to use analytics

    Each service provider has its own set of analytics, we pick the data and present in a single sheet for your benefit

  • 04

    Choose your preferred Vendor

    You can choose and select your preferred service provider and only in their absence choose an alternative

  • 05

    Single Integration

    As a business, you don’t have to worry about a delivery service going out or coming in you can request them to integrate with Adloggs for free