Delivery Marketplace

We would like to be the one stop shop for connecting multiple delivery partners in a single window. We have integrated many delivery service providers to our platform. When you subscribe to Adloggs you don't need to have an account with them. You can just push to order to multiple delivery companies and get one of their delivery partners to take and deliver your order.

The focus here is on the task and not the provider. As a business your single most challenge or goal is to get the product in your customer’s hands at the earliest. But, what if your delivery partner does not have a rider available at that point of time?

You lose business and the delivery service provider loses you (because he was not able to support). Adloggs bridges this gap and pushes your order to multiple Delivery Service providers based on your preference or their rider capacity. This is the perfect win-win we all were looking for.

Delivery Marketplace

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