Deliveries Managed

The biggest challenge both online and offline businesses currently face is providing the hyper local on-demand delivery service reliably and efficiently. Adloggs has built an internal network of delivery operators who use Adloggs proprietary software to manage their delivery business. In recent times delivery business has grown to become a lucrative one. Adloggs assists operators with the required technology to operate a highly efficient delivery system under a franchise system

Deliveries Managed

Geo fencedGeo Fenced

The chosen area is Geo Fenced in such a way that a delivery franchise partner operates in his/her chosen territory

Booking platformBooking Platform

Adloggs partners with the local businesses in the area by providing them with a booking platform and generate leads for the franchisee partners

Lead GenerationLead Generation

Adloggs also partners with national businesses for delivery that will be passed on to the franchisee partners


Deliveries are all hyper-local and mostly on-demand e.g., Food, Flowers etc. but, we may have other product partnerships too

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