Why Amazon shutdown it's food delivery platform.

A day after announcing the shutdown of the Amazon Academy Platform, the tech giant on 25th November 2022 announced that it would even shut down the food-delivery business that it was testing in India.

Despite a considerable rise in the on-demand delivery services of food items, Amazon inc. decided to call off the food delivery platform. One reason might be the enormous challenges faced by the delivery service-providing agencies concerning the management and availability of the riders. High demand doesn’t necessarily indicate huge profits, firms need to manage the high demand by postulating higher resources in place. The supply should be matched with the hike in demand to generate considerable profits.

On-demand requires the food companies to tap into the riders at the right time. Platforms like Adloggs work efficiently to manage operations in an orderly manner. With the use of disruptive technologies, Adloggs works to manage delivery services and provide quality services to customers. A few features of Adloggs that differentiate it from other platforms are:


The services provided by the delivery platforms must be reliable enough so that you can easily hand over delivery operations onto their shoulders. Many times customers end up receiving damaged parcels of food, which affects the brand value of your company.

However, Adloggs works to remove the possibility of such cases. The delivery services by Adloggs are well-managed and organized. They provide better quality packing and reliable food delivery riders.

Timely services

One of the biggest challenges of satisfying on-demand is to provide customers with the timely delivery of the package. This quality helps in driving incremental orders for the restaurant business.

When your food delivery partner is easily able to reach a wide variety of customers, then it helps enhance the profits of your organization. Adloggs has a vast network of riders, who work to deliver the parcel right on time to the customers.


When the food delivery platform can deliver the required convenience to the customers then the brand visibility of the organization is enhanced. Scaling up the operations helps save on the cost incredibly.

Moreover, with Adloggs you need not worry about the logistics. By collaborating with third-party software for food delivery, your organization can easily accommodate an efficient delivery system without adding much cost to the overall organization’s ability.

Improved management system

After incorporating delivery services from Adloggs you will be easily able to manage operations. In times of huge demand for delivery, Adloggs will help you map to riders available in the respective area, therefore managing the order effectively and more efficiently.

Additionally, Adloggs helps you track the order, resolve delivery-related issues, manage data, monitor the performance of the riders, and access support in need. Overall, you can manage your orders during peak hours with ease, thereby avoiding mistakes and delivering top-notch services to the customers.

In this article, we have outlined various benefits that your organization can reap by collaborating with delivery service partners like Adloggs. Therefore, repairing maximum profits, managing orders, and getting access to seamless organizational performance.

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