Everything You Need to Know About the On Demand Delivery Marketplace.

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When was the last time you received a product with a few clicks and relaxed while it was delivered to you?

It wasn't too long ago, right? And this is possible, thanks to the revolution of on demand delivery that has completely changed the delivery market.

According to CAGR (2023-2027), the on demand delivery marketplace is expected to reach a market value of over $70 billion by the end of 2027.

Businesses can now provide cost-effective solutions also while reaching a wider audience.

But, what makes on demand delivery such a big hit is the comfort that it offers - customers can experience the joy of shopping without the pain of shopping!

All they have to do is order their favourite product and wait the least amount of time for it to reach their doorstep.

But, its benefits don’t end there.

Businesses have wisely leveraged its benefits to offer customers a stellar experience in numerous ways.

This has allowed them to increase their revenue by expanding their audience.

In this blog, we will talk about:

  • The benefits of on demand delivery marketplace

  • Key features of on demand delivery marketplace

  • Top on demand delivery marketplaces

  • Delivery Marketplaces vs Traditional Delivery Services:

  • Tips for starting your own on demand delivery

  • Challenges and solutions for the on demand delivery marketplace

  • Role of Technology in the Evolution of Delivery Marketplaces

If you’re someone looking for a new business idea, the on demand delivery marketplace could be the one for you.

This blog gives you everything you need to know about it before you take a move.

How Does On Demand Delivery Marketplace Actually Make an Impact?

The on demand delivery marketplace comes up with a lot of benefits which are a huge deal.

The irresistible advantages make on demand delivery an in-demand service.

Let’s discuss the benefits now.

With a Hassle-Free Ordering Process, On Demand Service Lets Customers Get What They Want at the Right Time.

Ordering goods isn't a task anymore. People do that without having to move an inch.

With a wide range of options, people choose products that best suit their needs based on their price and delivery time.

When time itself is expensive, people seek things that instantly gratify them.

And, when it comes to urgent deliveries, on demand delivery makes it all in a flash.

Life Isn't Predictable. So, On Demand Delivery Offers Great Flexibility.

You never know what requirements life could throw at you.

To tackle that, businesses can now expand to new markets and customers without investing in their own delivery fleet.

They can focus on their product development and marketing while forgetting their delivery concerns.

Businesses are managing delivery fulfilment while keeping track of their inventory.

And customers don’t have to worry about their availability to receive their orders.

Reduces Overhead Costs for Businesses, Customers Enjoy Effortless Ordering.

On demand delivery helps both customers and businesses.

Impressing the customer increases brand loyalty allowing business to shoot up their revenues.

Delivery providers also benefit because they charge a fee for their services.

So, that's a win-win-win.

What Makes an On Demand Delivery Service Stand Out?

On demand delivery success depends on a few things.

There are a few features that every successful on demand delivery system has.

  • Intuitive UX: Convenient Deliveries with a convenient user interface.

  • Rapid Delivery: Time is money, and super-fast delivery is the key to success.

  • Diverse Payment Methods: Integrating as many payment modes for effortless transactions.

  • Order Tracking: Real-time updates to enhance customer experience.

If you're starting an on demand delivery business, these features are a no-negotiation.

The Top 4 On Demand Delivery Marketplaces That are Changing the Delivery Game

Let’s take a look at the pioneers in this marketplace.

Adloggs Delivery Management Software:

A leading on demand delivery orchestration system that connects businesses with delivery providers. Adloggs offers a range of delivery services, including same day, next-day, and scheduled deliveries.

The platform allows delivery analytics for customer notification. Adloggs also supports end-to-end delivery solutions, so it is the best and complete delivery solution for a business.


An on demand delivery marketplace. This logistics platform is for last-mile and hyperlocal delivery. Shadowfax partners with e-commerce, grocery, and pharmacy businesses. Shadowfax delivery partners fulfil 500,000 orders a day.


A logistics platform that provides on demand intra-city logistics services. They provide services to 10,000 customers, both individuals and businesses. Their instant booking and real-time tracking allow seamless delivery support.


A hyperlocal delivery marketplace that offers over 4,500 products and services. They cover food, groceries, and medicines with real-time tracking and fast delivery through a chain of partners. Operating in 13 major cities of India like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.


A popular on demand food delivery service provider that connects customers and restaurants. Standing tall in 6,000 cities all around the world with more than 70 million monthly active users. Customers find a wide range of food options and can track their orders in real time. The platform offers flexible delivery options, including instant delivery in selected cities.

Delivery Marketplaces vs. Traditional Delivery Services

Delivery Marketplaces Traditional Delivery Services
Online platform operation Phone, fax, or email operations
A wider range of services Limited services based on individual service providers
Lower upfront investment Requires significant upfront investment for infrastructure and people
Relies on independent delivery providers Employs its own delivery personnel
Flexible and scalable delivery Fixed and rigid delivery

Tips For Starting Your Own On Demand Delivery Marketplace

Know Who Your Customers Are

The first and most crucial tactic is to be clear about your niche and target audiences.

What is the significance of this?

If you want to win a race, you must run in the right direction.

You don't want to waste your time and energy by running in the wrong way.

Having specific goals and an idea of your customers provides direction and a road map for reaching your objectives.

As a result, you avoid employing useless approaches that are detrimental to your organisation.

Or, even worse, hinder your progress.

So, focusing on everyone is a waste of time and energy that prevents development.

Know Your Competitors

Research and analyse your competitors to identify gaps in the market that you can fill.

To win the marathon, you must first understand yourself.

But, you must also have a strong idea of who you are competing against.

You must be aware of where you stand in the market position.

You'll get to know about the current trends and what works and what doesn't.

This allows you to identify the void which will be your areas for growth.

It could be the much-needed inspiration to press on with your mission.

It enables you to realise your true potential and develop a unique value proposition that could set you apart from the crowd.

Building a Strong Delivery Management System

A strong delivery management system chain is essential for any on demand delivery marketplace.

A good team takes you to places. It becomes quite literal in the delivery marketplace.

Reliable delivery partners will elevate your business when trained and equipped.

They are the horses for your courses and motivating them to perform well is key.

Real-time tracking and route optimization software can also help streamline the delivery process.

This makes it easier for them to provide seamless delivery that can win your customers' hearts.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service can build a loyal customer base.

This is your ultimate goal as well.

Offer them a platform that is easy to operate, shows transparency in pricing, and responsive customer support.

Your customer feedback is your goldmine.

Utilising them to the fullest will make you a billionaire.

Be attentive to it and always be open to upgrading your delivery services according to it.

A bonus tip would be to implement a rating system.

This will allow both your customers and delivery fleet to maintain high service standards.

3 Predominant Challenges and Their Solutions for On Demand Delivery Marketplaces

Demand and Supply Management.

On demand delivery marketplaces are like pressure cookers.

There is extreme demand for it and it could feel like hell when you don't have enough manpower and management facilities.

Especially in surge hours.

Solutions like predictive analytics for forecast demand, and incentives to motivate delivery providers during high-demand periods can help you tackle this problem.

On Time Delivery With Accuracy

Ensuring customer satisfaction should be your end goal. And for a delivery marketplace, delivering goods at the right place and time is their utmost purpose.

Doing this isn't as easy as it sounds. But it isn't impossible either.

Solutions like data-assisted route optimization, and real-time traffic updates could be helpful.

You can also go one step ahead and use drones or autonomous vehicle services to hurry up delivery.

But this is purely based on your goals and financial limitations.

Resolving Customer Complaints and Concerns.

Every single customer is an asset, and it is crucial you treat them well.

Address their complaints and concerns in a timely and efficient manner

To achieve this, it's handy to use the help of technology.

Solutions like multiple-channel feedback, chatbots, and/or AI assistants will make it easier for customers.

Future of Delivery Marketplaces and the Role of Technology in This Evolution

The on demand delivery marketplace isn't going anywhere.

Considering the consumer demand for speed and convenience.

In fact, it is only expected to experience significant growth in the upcoming years.

On demand marketplaces will expand their services to a wider range of products.

Industries such as healthcare and household essentials could see innovations in their on demand delivery systems.

You can also expect the on demand delivery to switch to greener.

More sustainable and eco-friendly introductions are set to happen to reduce carbon footprint.

Technology always plays a major role in almost any industry these days.

In the on demand delivery marketplace, where technology plays a vital role, it is bound to evolve.

Delivery service providers are keen to invest in technology to speed up operations and improve efficiency.

With the advent of new AI and ML technologies every day, you can always expect them in delivery systems as well.

These technologies could come in real handy in aspects like route optimization, personalised recommendations, and more.

Autonomous vehicles, drones, and other technologies may also play a larger role in the upcoming years.

Particularly in India, we haven't seen much of this technology but can expect it to even reach the urban areas.

Not to forget blockchain. It could change how the payment system works, increasing security and reducing errors.

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To conclude, the on demand marketplace is a rapidly growing area.

Anyone who is looking for a sustainable business in 2023 can choose this area.The growth in the on demand marketplace is expected to only go exponential with the advent of new technologies and customer requirements.

By now you would have a fair understanding of how the on demand delivery marketplace works, its benefits, its key factors, and more.

Leverage this blog before starting your on demand delivery business.

We wish you the best in your pursuit.

Cheers, we’ll see you again in another blog.