Avail the services of Dunzo, Shadowfax, Grab, Porter in a single window.

Post-pandemic delivery drivers are in high demand. Most people nowadays prefer home delivery rather than visiting local shops themselves. This is the main reason why eCommerce businesses are relying on on-demand fast delivery apps. With the increase in demand, the expectations of consumers have also heightened. However, hyperlocal delivery service platforms like Adloggs can ensure much speedier delivery of your package.

Your Food / Grocery /Medical business needs this

Do you have a business that needs delivery? Do you know that there are more than 10 Lakh delivery partners associated with 30 different delivery companies in India? What if we offer the choice of availing the services of any delivery vendor in your locality seamlessly, would that interest you? If yes, then read through the article to learn about one such marketplace where you can find an aggregation of many food delivery providers in one place.

A major issue faced by almost every restaurant owner is rider unavailability in time of need. This occurs due to uncertainty regarding the delivery volumes. Even though many attempts have been made to predict the delivery volumes, the unpredictability of economic environments makes it less accurate.

So what is the solution then?

Fast delivery platforms like Dunzo, Shadowfax, and Porter, have already stormed the market, yet restaurants are not able to take advantage of these platforms due to uncertainty regarding the delivery volumes. Moreover, to choose the best deal you need to conduct extensive research about each provider, adding to the workload.

In such a situation, Adloggs provides the best solution, by offering the restaurant owners to hire delivery partners from multiple vendors. Adloggs is partnered with these companies and finds you a nearby available delivery partner so that your business need not rely on just one provider.

Some of the benefits that come in handy with Adloggs include:

- One marketplace: Adloggs provides its users with a single login window. This ease down the workload of the restaurants by making booking an easy task.

- Integrated platform: Restaurant businesses need not worry anymore about tracking the delivery services. Adloggs provides an option to integrate all the information regarding delivery service going out or coming in as per the request of the user.

- Reliable delivery: Every restaurant owner wants to get access to an efficient system, which can cater to an on-demand customer base at the right time. Adloggs provides guaranteed delivery on time together with assurance for the right delivery.

- Ease of use: The Adloggs delivery services marketplace has an inbuilt system of easy-to-use analytics. They present the data in a single sheet, which makes it more readable.

- Option to choose vendors: A restaurant owner can pick up their preferred service provider for delivery on the Adloggs platform. If that vendor is not available then the business can choose an alternative vendor as per their choice.

The advanced technology deployed by Adloggs helps streamline the entire delivery process while ensuring the safe delivery of orders in good condition. To sum up, Adloggs is an integrated delivery service marketplace that provides restaurant businesses with an opportunity to utilize delivery vendors from multiple service providers which include, Dunzo, Shadowfax, and Porter, and that too at one single platform!