How does Bot Marketing help Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace?

Chatbots have started to redefine the way marketing is done. This was possible only because of Artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning capabilities. And also these are not simply pre-programmed bots but are capable of doing much more than what they were designed for. A recent market study shows that chatbots can totally eliminate the need for human intervention significantly leading to lost wages of $262.7 billion by 2021.

Let’s see how Chatbots are changing the hyperlocal delivery marketplace with the food industry as an example. When someone orders food from a nearby restaurant, the chatbot will shoot the users a round of questions to explore restaurants around him based on the food, price, review and rating. Going further, the chatbot will request for customers details including name, delivery address in addition to payment details for order completion. In some cases, there are post-delivery chatbots that collect feedback on the food ordered, taste, service, quality, etc that can help measure the quality of service and keep other users informed of the same. The bot, in most cases, is also designed to make instant replies to commonly asked user questions.

What is a Hyperlocal Delivery Model and how does it work?

The hyperlocal marketplace, as the name indicates, is a digital marketplace that caters to the needs of a specific geographical area or region. A hyper-local system can refer to anything from ordering food, grocery delivery, house care, repair services, personal care services, etc.

A hyperlocal marketplace works by delivering goods and services to the customers from the physical stores placed within the vicinity of a few kilometres of the service area. The service limit of a hyperlocal business could range anywhere from a few metres to a few kilometres from where the store is located. This business model is technically driven by a web or mobile app.

For example, if you run a store and need to ensure fast delivery to your customers, what you should be ideally looking for is to sign up with a hyperlocal delivery service than joining an eCommerce platform which usually doesn’t guarantee lightning delivery.