About Us

ADLOGGS is a delivery services marketplace that focuses on the hyper-local delivery space. We deliver world-class software solution that gives customers the control, insight and ability, They need for competitive advantage in a global economy

The Edge

Our approach to IT strategy is different, as it spans the visioning and scoping of the required change, its justification, its design and its implementation, so that it consistently creates value for our clients. Businesses are increasingly looking to IT to enable strategic change and to act as a source of competitive advantage

What we do

Adloggs is an delivery aggregation service platform that allows delivery businesses to share fleet with other businesses. We continuously integrate with new delivery providers in your area and remove the dormant service providers therefore, keeping the platform live and upto date

The Future

Our vision is to achieve Global Digital Transformation services leadership in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to our clients and customers in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term relationships

We're always ready for challenges




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